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Assignment Submission

International Academy Courses

Assignment submission for International Academy courses is optional. In case candidate want their assignments checked they can be sent by email. Candidates are requested to send all assignments together in one single zipped file. Our trainers will check the assignment and revert within 7 working days.

Collaborator Courses

For collaborator courses, assignments are mandatory and need to be submitted for initiation of assessment. Assignments need to be submitted within the specified course duration. Once assignments are approved, the candidate would be allowed to appear for the final assessment.

Candidates need to complete all assignments in Word/Excel and send them to

Without submitting assignments, candidates will not be eligible to appear for the final assessment.

Diploma Courses

For each semester, candidate will receive assignments which need to be submitted. Assignments need to be submitted well before the exam dates.

Assignments carry weightage of 20 marks for each semester paper.

Candidates need to complete all assignments in Word/ Excel and send them to


In this Section

Online Examination

Candidates can give the online examination on a chosen date / time within the course duration.

Certificate Dispatch

Once the candidate has successfully cleared the examination, the certificate is dispatched by International Academy.

Validate Certificate

This will authenticate the certificate issued to the individual.