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An audit is an independent assessment of the fairness by which a company's financial statements are presented by its management. It is performed by competent, independent and objective person(s) known as auditors or accountants, who then issue an auditor's report based on the results of the audit.

Table Of Content

  1. International Auditing Overview
  2. The Audit Market
  3. Ethics for Professional Accountants
  4. An Auditor’s Services
  5. Client Acceptance
  6. Understanding the Entity, Risk Assessment and Materiality
  7. Internal Control and Control Risk
  8. Control Risk, Audit Planning and Test of Controls
  9. Analytical Procedures
  10. Substantive Testing and Evidence
  11. Completing the Audit
  12. Audit Reports and Communication
  13. Overview of a Group Audit
  14. Corporate Governance

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Course Duration
3 Month
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