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Sales Training Certification

A sale is the act of selling a product or service in return for money or other compensation. Signalling completion of the prospective stage, it is the beginning of an engagement between customer and vendor or the extension of that engagement. Sales can take place through various mediums including Direct sales, Agency-based, Door-to-door methods, Request for proposal, Business-to-business, Web, Mail-order, etc.

Marketing and sales differ greatly, but have the same goal. Selling is the final stage in Marketing, which also includes Pricing, Promotion, Positioning and Product (the 4Ps). A marketing department in an organization has the goals of increasing the desirability and value to the customer and increasing the number and engagement of interactions between potential customers and the organization.

Table Of Content

  1. How to Succeed in Sales
  2. Top Turn Ons and Turn Offs in Sales
  3. Effective Planning and Information Gathering
  4. Body Language - Voice, Eye Contact
  5. Asking the Right Questions
  6. Handling Customers who wont disclose needs
  7. Positioning your Product or Service
  8. Handling objections of Customers
  9. Negotiation Tactics
  10. Dealing with Difficult Customers
  11. Techniques for Closing the Sale
  12. Techniques when customers Delay or Say "No"
  13. How many cold calls to make?
  14. How to get past gatekeepers
  15. 7 key Sales Tools

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Course Duration
3 Month
Course Rating

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I recently enrolled for another programme with IACT after IFRS. TUV is a big brand and I am happy that I enrolled with IACT which is the only collabrator of TUV-SUD which offers such prog. Soon I'll be a TUV certified and looking forward for success in my career.

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