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Quality Management Training

  • You can better control and manage the quality of services of your company.
  • Our experts will get you the core of quality management applications.
  • The course is convenient for working professionals.
  • Learning is easy through the online channel.
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Course Description

Quality Management can be considered to have four main components: quality planning, quality control, quality assurance and quality improvement.

Quality management is focused not only on product/service quality, but also the means to achieve it.

Quality management therefore uses quality assurance and control of processes as well as products to achieve more consistent quality.

Walter A. Shewhart made a major step in the evolution towards quality management by creating a method for quality control for production, using statistical methods, first proposed in 1924. After the second world war,

Japan decided to make quality improvement a national imperative as part of rebuilding their economy, and sought the help of Shewhart, Deming and Juran, amongst others.

Customers recognize that quality is an important attribute in products and services. Suppliers recognize that quality can be an important differentiator between their own offerings and those of competitors.

In the past two decades this quality gap has been greatly reduced between competitive products and services.

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Table of Content

  1. Introduction.
  2. Principles of Quality Management.
  3. Total Quality Management Philosophy.
  4. Quality Planning.
  5. Customer Orientation.
  6. Problem Solving Tools.
  7. Continuous Improvement Strategies.
  8. Preventive Techniques.
  9. Quality Ambience.
  10. Human Dimensions of TQM.
  11. Team Development.
  12. Quality Certification.
  13. Reliability
  14. Cost of Quality.
  15. TQM Road Map.

Key Deliverables

  • Online access to voice based learning content (e-learning).
  • Pay as you learn - Interest FREE Instalment Plan
  • Support from subject matter experts through call and mail
  • Sample questions for better preparation
  • Certification for candidates scoring more than 40% marks in the exam

Course Packages

E-Learning Course:

  • 3 sessions of tele - support for 30 minutes during the online training
  • Online access to voice based learning content.
  • Study material couriered to your address.
  • Support from subject matter experts on e-mail.
  • Sample questions for preparation.
  • Facility for taking online examination at any time  within course duration.
  • Certification for candidates scoring more than 40% marks in the exam.
  • Limited period discounts available. For more information call now

Course Demo

Course Eligibility

  • Minimum qualification is intermediate.
  • Those undergoing Graduation or have been completed their graduation degree (in the respective field) can also apply.


Quality Management is about managing quality of products and services is such a way so as to achieve high degree of customer satisfaction. Quality Management generally has four steps: Quality planning, Quality Control, Quality Assurance and Quality Improvement.

Quality Management usually involves taking a process-oriented approach towards managing quality. In the contemporary business environment Quality has become the biggest source of competitive advantage for companies and businesses. The economic emergence of Japan after the Second World War was largely due to its superior Quality Management at the micro and macro level.

The Quality Management training program gives the trainee understanding of the entire process of Quality Management. A lot of statistical tools are used in Quality Management. The training program also gives knowledge and understanding about these statistical tools. Special care has been taken that the content of the training program is easy to understand for the trainees.

Some of the main modules of this training program are Quality Circles, Business Process Reengineering (BPR), ISO, Six Sigma, Benchmarking etc.

This training program will make you a more efficient and effective employee. You will able to contribute to the efforts of your organization in improving the quality of its products and services. This in turn will make you a very valuable employee for your organization. Quality Management is the most important activity for any business. So companies will want to retain you if you are trained in Quality Management.

The training is suitable for both working professionals and those looking for a job. It is particularly suitable for individuals working (or seeking to work) in areas relating to production of goods and services.

The Quality Management training program is most necessary for businesses who want to strengthen their competitive advantage through better quality of products & services. They should get their employees trained in Quality Management. iACT’s core competency lies in conducting organizational level Quality Management training programs.

International Academy for Certificate and Training has high degree of expertise in conducting Quality Management training programs. Its unique training content and training delivery, coupled with affordable price make it the best provider of Quality Management training & certification.

International Academy for Certificate and Training is promoted and led by alumni of IIT Delhi, MIT (Boston) and IIM (Calcutta). It is presently India’s largest education company for working professionals. It has provided training & certification to more than 60000 working professionals. It provides training & certification in more than 80 areas. The certification given by it is often in collaboration with top institutes of India.

iACT’s clientele is not limited to India but extends across the globe. In 2012 International Academy for Certificate and Training won the Red Herring Top 100 Asia Award for innovation in the field of training & education.International Academy for Certificate and Training is ISO 9001 certified by TUV-SVD. It is registered with National Skill Development Agency, Government of India. Its commitment and record on quality is also reflected by the fact that it is a member of American Society of Quality (ASQ).

Quality management plays a vital role in any organisation. It is essential for the following reasons:
  • It is the best way to bring in the desired outcomes and to obtain the goals and objectives of an organisation to the fullest.
  • Quality control ensues that the products and services are up to the mark and ensures that the customers get the desired satisfaction by using them.
  • It enhances the performance of the human resource within the organisation, to bring the desired outcomes. It inculcates leadership and cohesiveness in the workers of the organisation.
  • Helps in attracting new customers and retaining the older ones.
  • It brings in improvement within the organization and in its products and services.
A quality management professional is one who is responsible for managing and monitoring the activities related to the efficient functioning of the project and bringing about positive outcomes by use of quality resources, strategies and procedures. A quality management professional focuses on:

To become a quality management professional one requires acquiring a certificate as a qualified quality management professional. A number of institutes today offer courses in quality management; one can just enrol in them, study and then clear the respective exams to gain the certificate for qualified quality management professional.

  • Developing fool proof plan s and blueprints to get the desired results.
  • Enhancing leadership qualities and skill development of human resource.
  • Developing or bringing in improvement in the products and services of the organization.
  • Works on developing quality policies for the betterment of the organization and its products.
  • They should be proficient in conducting internal auditing as per ISO 9000 standards.
  • They should be proficient in all the quality management systems and should be able to use them practically to attain positive outcomes.

As the demand for quality management professionals is increasing day by day in the global job market; a large number of institutions are offering courses in this field. The course objectives are:

The courses include study material, workshops, group discussions, role play, presentation and other participatory techniques. The course aims at making the aspirant proficient in all aspects related to quality management and its practical application.

  • To explain the importance of quality management in an organization.
  • To explain the role of quality management professional.
  • To provide up to date knowledge about the skills, techniques, and procedures required for quality management.
  • To assess the available resources and human resource and how to bring about improvement in them to get desired results.
  • To maintain ethics in the organization and deliver quality outcomes to the customers.

The person should have at least done higher secondary level of schooling. He should be interested in the management field. He should be open to learning and acquiring knowledge and should be eager and willing to apply and utilize the things learned from the course practically.

Any individual interested in the management field can opt for this course. This course id beneficial for leaders, supervisors, entrepreneurs, officials or any other person who deals in the activities or procedures related to quality management planning, implementation, management or improvement aspect in an organisation.

Today organisations prefer to employ quality management professionals in their organisations, to enhance the overall performance and outcome of the organisation. As these professional take responsibility of the projects overall functioning and management and also ensure quality enhance meant in the resources and outcomes. A certified quality management professional enjoys the following benefits over the ones who o not processes such skills and knowledge:

  • They are highly respected and ranked in the organisations.
  • They get the opportunity of getting highly paid lucrative jobs.
  • They get better scope of being promoted or are given added benefits and perks as compared to other co-workers.
  • They play a vital role in the planning, implementation, and control of the organisation's resources. And also take part in the decision-making of the organization.
  • As they well trained in quality management techniques and procedures; and they acquire the required skills and tools of quality management, they are able to handle problems and loopholes in the organisation in a better way.
  • These professionals can minimize the overall cost and maximize the profits of the organization with their quality management techniques and tools.


Enrolment Options

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  • You can drop a cheque in either HDFC or ICICI (ATM / bank branch).
  • You can courier the cheque to our office and we will take care of the rest.
  • Payment can be made for the appropriate amount depending on which option you decide to take.

* Pricing of some of the programs may vary. Please contact us for more details


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Saravanan Sundarraj

Very Good Service... & I am very very HAPPY & 100% SATISFIED..

Rupesh Waghray

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Saravanan Sundarraj

Very Good Service... & I am very very HAPPY & 100% SATISFIED..

Rupesh Waghray

Course was very good. I submitted my photo 4 times now.. two hard copies at classroom sessions and by email. Still at t...

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Course Duration
3 Month
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