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Training in Software Testing (CSTE)

The Certified Software Tester (CSTE) program was developed by leading software testing professionals as a means of recognizing software testers who demonstrate a predefined level of testing competency. The CSTE program is directed by an independent Certification Board and administered by the Quality Assurance Institute (QAI). The program was developed to provide value to the profession, the individual, the employer, and co-workers. The CSTE certification entails an aggressive educational program that tests the level of competence in the principles and practices of testing and control in the Information Technology (IT) profession. These principles and practices are defined by the Certification Board as the Common Body of Knowledge (CBOK). The Certification Board will periodically update the CBOK to reflect changing software testing and control, as well as changes in computer technology. These updates should occur approximately every three years.

Table of Content

  1. Software testing principles and concepts
  2. Building the test environment
  3. Managing the test project
  4. Test Planning
  5. Executing the test plan
  6. Test Reporting Process
  7. User Acceptance Testing
  8. Testing software developed by contractors
  9. Testing Software Controls and the Adequacy of Security Procedures
  10. Testing New Technologies

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As a new customer of IACT, I have found the course excellent in all aspects. This course suits the requirements of large and small companies. The E-training is simple and easy to understand with an easy to follow set of help instructions and a dedicated team just an email away.
Ravi S - Accenture
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