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Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management is a cross-functional approach to manage the movement of raw materials into an organization, certain aspects of the internal processing of materials into finished goods, and then the movement of finished goods out of the organization toward the end-consumer.

IACT offers several options for candidates considering skills enhancement & career development in the field of logistics & supply chain management.

Virtual Classes

What is a Virtual Class?

A Virtual Class is an online class that allows participants to communicate, view presentations and interact with trainers. Participants attend virtual class by connecting to the Internet rather than traveling to a physical classroom. Virtual class provides the benefit of flexibility and allows participants to attend classes that may not be offered in smaller cities. It is also beneficial for professionals who are extremely busy and cannot take out times to attend classes.

Virtual classes with iACT

The Virtual Classes will be conducted over the weekends. The virtual class is right in your comfort zone, you can attend this classes from your home or office. This will also provide you an opportunity to interact with the trainers and get your queries solved. Each virtual class will be recorded, in case you have missed any class, you can request for the virtual class link over the mail.

Note: To attend the Virtual Classrooms, you need to have computer & internet connection with the minimum speed of 1 Mbps.

Table of Content

  1. Logistics & SCM models
    Business logistics, logistics applications, logistics costs, key factors and issues in logistics

  2. Demand forecasting

  3. Customer Service
    Product life cycle and logistics, service capability, gap analysis.

  4. Inventory management
    Functions of inventory, inventory costs, inventory models, inventory control systems

  5. Supply planning & MRP, DRP & JIT concepts

  6. Transportation
    Transportation model, load- distance models, solving quantitative problems relating to transportation, transportation infrastructure providers, inter-model transportation, transportation economic concepts
  1. Warehousing
    Warehousing functionality, economic benefits, warehousing costs, warehouse functionality, warehousing alternatives, warehouse design principle, warehousing strategies

  2. Procurement & purchasing
    Types of packaging systems and functions, containment and protection, selection of logistical packaging systems, utilization and channel integration

  3. Integrated Logistics Management
    Network design, network elements, performance cycles, integrated logistics, managing operational uncertainties, barriers to internal integration

  4. Technology in SCM
    Bottlenecks and remedies

This course is offered in collaboration with TUV SUD South Asia. Click here to know more.

Training Packages offered

  1. Bronze Package: E-learning content + study material + trainer support through e-mails+ IACT Certification

  2. Silver Package: E-learning content + study material +trainer support through e mails + 60 minutes telephonic session with the expert trainer + sample papers for the final online examination + IACT Certification

  3. Gold package (Study centre training): Silver package + 15 hours classroom session + IACT Certification

Online examination at the end of the course as per your chosen time and date

**Special Combo offers available:
Supply Chain Management + Warehouse Management + Purchasing & Materials Management course**

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Payment Options

You can enroll for our courses by paying through the following options:

  • You can pay online using - credit card / debit card / net banking
  • You can deposit cash in either HDFC or ICICI branch. Please remember to email us a copy of the deposit slip.
  • You can drop a cheque in either HDFC or ICICI (ATM / bank branch).
  • You can courier the cheque to our office and we will take care of the rest.

Payment needs to be in favour of "IACT GLOBAL EDUCATION PVT. LTD."

Payment can be made for the appropriate amount depending on which option you decide to take.

* Pricing of some of the programs may vary. Please contact us for more details

As a new customer of IACT, I have found the course excellent in all aspects. This course suits the requirements of large and small companies. The E-training is simple and easy to understand with an easy to follow set of help instructions and a dedicated team just an email away.
Ravi S - Accenture
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