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Warehousing & Inventory Control Training

Warehousing and Inventory Control are important for efficient operation of warehouses. In recent years, computerization has improved the efficiency of the warehouse operations to great extent. At the same time, computerization has not replaced the need for conceptual understanding of warehouse and inventory control.

Table of Content

Part 1 - Warehouse Management

  1. Warehouse Organization
  2. Requisitions and Replenishment of Materials
  3. Receipt and Inspection of Materials
  4. Issue of Materials
  5. Stocktaking
  6. Discrepancies and Their Resolution
  7. Control of Tools, Surplus, and Scrap Materials
  8. Storage and Handling Practices of Materials
  9. Computerization of Warehouse Activities
  10. Performance Evaluation of Stores Activities
  11. ISO Standards and Warehouse Activities
  12. Warehouse Location, Layout, and Facilities Planning
  13. Warehouse Security, Safety, and Maintenance

Part 2 - Inventory Control

  1. Inventory Classification and Strategies
  2. Codification
  3. Standardization
  4. Inventory Control Model
  5. Inventory Control Techniques
  6. Effective Management of Spare Parts
  7. Valuation of Inventory

The need for professional approach in the activities of warehouse and inventory control has also been realized due to large size operations, especially in large industrial units or companies having a number of units spread all over the world.

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As a new customer of IACT, I have found the course excellent in all aspects. This course suits the requirements of large and small companies. The E-training is simple and easy to understand with an easy to follow set of help instructions and a dedicated team just an email away.
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