Under the framework of collaboration between Continuing Education Programme (CEP), Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi and IACT Global, following Executive Development Programmes have been developed and are offered as internet-based courses made available to learners through an online platform.

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Indian institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi
Prof. Ravi Shankar‚ Faculty Coordinator of the courses

The following e-learning programmes are being offered:

UPDATE: Course Fee for above programs scheduled to increase with effect from 15th June, 2014.

Enrolment Process:

The interested candidates have to apply to iACT for enrolling in these e-learning programmes. iACT will forward the details of candidate’s application to IIT Delhi, which will further review the eligibility criteria on individual basis. IIT Delhi reserves the right to decline the candidature of any applicant whose eligibility criteria is not at par as per the requirements of the course.

If IIT Delhi accepts the candidature, then the applicants would be asked by iACT to enroll themselves for the programme through iACT. The candidates must complete the course, required assignments, term-project, etc as communicated by the faculty or as contained in the course material. On successful completion of these requirements candidates would be awarded a certificate from CEP IIT Delhi.

Course Duration:

The duration of all these courses is 03 months. All the requirements of sucessfully completing a course have to be over within this time.

IIT Faculty Support:

The programmes have been developed by faculty of IIT Delhi and are designed for delivery over the Internet. The online learning content is supported by detailed voice-based explanation of the concepts, accessible to the candidates through their login ID and password. Additionally, iACT will enable for the candidates query support from the faculty members of IIT Delhi through email and on-line chat sessions.

Eligibility Criteria:

Graduates (from any background) may apply for these programmes. However, IIT Delhi reserves the final decision to accept the candidature of the applicants or to reject it.

Registration Process:

Interested candidates may download the application form from the link below and send the completed application to info@iactglobal.in

Download Registration Form

For any query related to admission process‚ candidates can write to info@iactglobal.in


Email: ravi1@dms.iitd.ac.in