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Participants from: Agilent, Alcatel, Allianz, AXA, Baxter, Bharti, Lenovo, CSC, E-Serve International, Evalueserve, Exl Services, First American, GENPACT, Global Vantage, HCL Tech, HDFC Ltd, Headstrong, Hewitt Associates, Unilever, Honda, IBM Daksh, ICICI Bank, ICICI onesource, IFFCO Tokio, IndusInd, Johnson & Johnson, JP Morgan Chase, Moser Baer, MRF, NSE, Pepsi, Perot Systems, Petroleum Development Oman, Ramco Systems, Reliance Comm, RMSI, Sundaram Industries, Tata Coffee, Tata Teleservices, TCS, Transworks, WHO, Xansa

Please look at some of the questions of one of our sample Six Sigma exams.

Q1. How many data points do you need to have a short-term capability?

Two data points.
Over 100 data points.
Fewer than five data points.
Between 30 and 50 data points.

Q2. If the Cp is 1.0, what is the sigma value?
None of above

Q3. What is the purpose for gauge R&R?
Statistical analysis to evaluate measure error
To understand repeatability and reproducibility of your MSA
To help validate what is a defect and what is not
To gauge the rest and relaxation needed for a black belt
a through d
Q4. What plot describes the many distributions in one graph in quartiles?
Interval plot
Capability plot
Probability plot
Median plot
Box plot
Q5. What is meant by a p-value of less than 0.05?
That there are no significant difference
The variance terms are equal
The mean has a shift of 1.5 sigma
You're 95 percent confident that there is a statistical difference
All the above